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Birdlip Limestone

Middle Jurassic (Bajocian)

Inferior Oolite
Birdlip Limestone

Predominantly pale coloured ooidal limestones of varying types; ferruginous and sandy (Leckhampton Member), pisoidal and shelly (Crickley Member) at the base, unfossiliferous and cross bedded in the middle (Cleeve Cloud Member), shelly and marly in the upper part (Scottsquar Member), uppermost beds include sand and clay (Harford Member).

Upper Boundary
Disconformity, generally a hardground: overlain by Aston Limestone Formation where present, or Salperton Limestone Formation.

Lower Boundary
Disconformity: change upward from mudstone, sandstone or ironshot limestone of Lias Group into predominantly ooidal limestone sequence as in lithological description.

Representative Sites
Harford Railway Cutting
Scottsquar Hill Quarry
Cleeve Cloud
Crickley Hill
Lower Limekilns Quarry

Information on lithology and boundaries taken from the British Geological Survey Lexicon of Named Rock Units

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