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Salperton Limestone

Middle Jurassic (Bajocian-Bathonian)

Inferior Oolite
Salperton Limestone

Pale grey to brown rubbly, fine- to coarse-grained ooidal, peloidal and finely shell-detrital packstone to grainstone (Clypeus Grit Member), generally with very shelly and coarsely shell-detrital ooidal grainstone and packstone (Upper Trigonia Grit Member) at base.

Upper Boundary
Upward change to mudstone (Fuller's Earth Formation) in southwest or into fine- to medium-grained ooidal grainstone (Chipping Norton Limestone Formation) in northeast. Generally transitional, but locally marked by a hardground (Sumbler, M G, Barron, A J M and Morigi, A N, 2000).

Lower Boundary
Disconformity: hardground capping various members of Aston Limestone or Birdlip Limestone formations, or correlative disconformity on Lias Group.

Representative Sites
Hornsleasow Quarry
Chedworth Railway Cutting
Notgrove Railway Cutting
Nibley Knoll
Broadway Quarry (Dursley)

Information on lithology and boundaries taken from the British Geological Survey Lexicon of Named Rock Units

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